Thrombosis Research Center

Cardiovascular Research
Staff of the UF Thrombosis Research Center conducting study.

The Thrombosis Research Center is a model of investigational excellence for the campus and the scientific community. Since 2007, based on the work of the Thrombosis Research Center's team, the group has collectively published over 100 manuscripts in peer reviewed scientific journals and presented over 120 abstracts at national and international conferences.

The Thrombosis Research Center conducts investigator-initiated studies. .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) These include pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic studies of antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs at various stages of development (pre-clinical, clinical phase I-III and post-marketing). Studies range from in-vitro and proof-concept studies to clinical trials of individualized therapies. They are conducted in the various settings of operations including the thrombosis research laboratory, phase I clinical research unit and in-patient and out-patient services of the division of cardiology.