Mission, Aims, Goals and Objectives

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship


The mission of our program is to develop highly competent and ethical practitioners and leaders in clinic and academic cardiology. We strive to promote excellence in education and patient care by providing outstanding clinical training in the setting of a rich academic environment.

Program Aims

The University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville cardiovascular disease fellowship program aims are to:

  • Provide internal medicine graduates with a comprehensive three-year curriculum to develop into compassionate general cardiologists with expertise in primary and secondary cardiovascular disease prevention and diagnosis and management of adult patients with a gamut of cardiovascular conditions.
  • Train cardiology fellows to develop the skills necessary to accurately diagnose and treat patients with chronic and acute coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, basic arrhythmias and cardiovascular hemodynamic alterations.
  • Provide fellows with tools and opportunities to collaborate across professional boundaries.
    • To have a strong impact on public health through community education.
    • To be advocates for prevention of cardiovascular events.
  • Graduate general cardiologists who are prepared to join the ranks of clinicians, clinician - scholars, academicians and physician scientists in a variety of settings.
  • Graduate general cardiologists who successfully incorporate scholarly activity into their evidence-based practice by promoting a collegial mentorship that lasts well beyond fellowship training.


The goals of the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville cardiovascular disease fellowship program are:

  • To train internal medicine board-eligible or board-certified internists in the evaluation and management of a wide variety of acute and chronic cardiovascular conditions, as proscribed by the ACGME program requirements for residency education in cardiovascular disease and the American Board of Internal Medicine. This will be accomplished through a combination of supervised clinical and procedural experiences, classroom lectures, interactive conferences, supervised fellow presentations, guided readings, computer-based learning tools, interaction with other health care providers and regional and national meeting attendance.
  • To foster and guide the development of young physicians to become highly competent and ethical practitioners of cardiovascular medicine; efficient managers of health care resources; conscientious and enthusiastic leaders in their hospital, community and society; effective communicators and educators of their patients, trainees and colleagues; capable students who continue to grow and learn throughout their careers; and proficient medical scientists who contribute substantive information to global medical knowledge.


The objective of this fellowship is to produce graduates who join the ranks of clinician-scholars and physician-scientists in university programs, teaching hospitals and clinics, research organizations, governmental agencies and other scholarly institutions and leadership bodies both nationally and internationally.