Resident Reflections

Internal Medicine Residency

As you consider the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville for your internal medicine training, please read what our residents have to say as they look upon their experience with us:

Melissa Dakkak, D.O.

Internal Medicine Resident
Class of 2016

"My first experience at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville was as a medical student in cardiovascular critical care. There was a diverse exposure to current interventional and radiological procedures as well as a wide variety of experiences and instruction in pathology. As an aspiring cardiologist, the experience was encouraging. There was a great sense of camaraderie between the residents. I also felt very much at ease in the work environment and they were all eager to teach. As a resident, the experience is even more enriching. I have grown tremendously as a physician and a person. I found a second family here in Jacksonville. From eating out to going to a comedy show, our class has bonded. I am so happy with my choice."

Aisha Khan, D.O.

Internal Medicine Resident
Class of 2014

"There are many reasons for why I chose to come to University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville for my Internal Medicine residency; great location, state of the art research and academics, a multitude of fellowships, and most importantly camaraderie amongst residents and faculty. There is great emphasis on team work and patient safety, ensuring the best care for our patients. We have the privilege of serving a diverse patient population, giving us the opportunity of learning from and managing varied pathologies. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to come to UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville for my Internal Medicine residency. UF & Shands Jacksonville is a great place to work! "

Christina Mathai, M.D.

Internal Medicine Resident
Class of 2014

"Like any good medical student, I had my list of what I was looking for in a residency: high-volume county ER, sick patient population with a variety of pathology, subspecialty services, diversity in residents, night float. EMR, health insurance and food. Check, check, and check! Now that I am a resident, I realize the reasons I love our program the most are for things that you don’t see on paper. For example: teaching Florida’s brightest medical students (Go Gators!), meeting my classmates for sushi on the river, getting a call from an ER resident for an admission, then meeting her for cupcakes after work or even watching my husband play basketball with our residents and attendings. It was also really important to me to have an airport nearby so I can visit my family, a beach nearby to relax with friends, a beautiful neighborhood a short drive from the hospital, and of course plenty of shopping! There are many reasons to choose UF Jax, but when you get here you’ll realize the best part is simply becoming part of the Gator family!"

Justin R. Federico, D.O.

Former Chief Resident
Class of 2011

"Rotating through University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville was like coming home for several reasons…not only did it place me back in my home town, but as a graduate of UF, it was a chance re-connect with one of the premiere institutions in the nation. The program made such an impression on me that I applied for a second rotation as a SubI, and it placed UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville as the forerunner among my choices for residency. As a SubI, I was the physician—these were my patients and they were far from “run of the mill.” I saw pathology that most students only see in their textbooks and work with a varied population. These patients were in such need of care that I could not help but leave every day knowing that I had made a difference. As far as support systems go, the hospital abounds with a collegiate atmosphere: faculty that really love to teach, residents that are always available and consultants that run the gamut of medical and surgical subspecialties, most of them in fellowships housed right here. I am grateful that we—the residency and I—chose each other. Now I get to play a role in providing the same educational experience to medical students."

Andrew T. Darlington, D.O.

Cardiology Fellow
Class of 2009

"My first exposure to the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville came during my fourth year of medical school as an external rotator. I had the opportunity to come to Jacksonville from my home in Philadelphia and spend a month on the internal medicine wards with Dr. Foster and his group of residents. What an experience it was! I was amazed at the diversity of the patient population. To this day, four years later as a Chief Medical Resident, I still continue to be astonished at what I see on a daily basis. One thing I took away from my month as an external rotator was the overall atmosphere of the hospital and its residents. Everyone worked hard but seemed to have a lot of fun together as well. UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville turned out to be the perfect match for me, not only because it is a community hospital that serves a diverse and underserved patient population, but also because all the resources of a larger program are available."