Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

The goal of the Critical Care Medicine (CCM) training program is to enable fellows to acquire knowledge, skills and experience in the six core competencies (as outlined by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, or ACGME) as they relate to the discipline of critical care medicine. The training program is one-year in duration with a minimum of 7 months devoted to critical care training. All of the educational experiences and program content explicitly required for training in each area are present in the program. It is expected that the fellows demonstrate a greater depth of medical knowledge, judgment and procedural competence as they progress through the program. Specifically, they are expected to demonstrate greater skills and independence in decision-making regarding patient management and resource utilization. The program provides a minimum of one month of clinical experience in pulmonary disease and at least seven months of meaningful patient care responsibility in the intensive care unit, with at least four months spent caring for critically ill medical patients and three months devoted to the care of non-medical ICU patients.

The schedule is divided into 13 –four week blocks for the year. The typical schedule is listed below. Overnight continuity of care is provided by a night float team, with in-house overnight call limited to the medical intensive care unit (MICU).

Two blocks of electives are reserved at UF Health Jacksonville or affiliated sites, if desired. Fellows can choose from the following, among others:

  • Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville Lung transplant
  • Nephrology
  • Infectious disease
First Year Critical Care Fellowship (FELL-1)
Rotation Weeks
Pulmonary Consults 4-8
Medical ICU 14
Night Float 4
Research Up to 8
Thoracic Surgery ICU 4