Mission, Aims, Goals and Objectives

Rheumatology Fellowship


As one of the world's leading academic medical center, we strive for the provision of comprehensive, compassionate, superior, expert patient care for rheumatologic and related immunologic diseases. The division of rheumatology is committed to ensuring that our fellows and residents are trained to act as compassionate consultants in rheumatology, capable and adaptable to a variety of work place settings and possess the motivation and desire to continue a lifetime of learning, continual self-reflection and professional growth. As a center of excellence for musculoskeletal ultrasound, we continue to build on our efforts to innovate and expand our pioneering research of common rheumatic diseases. We are committed to further building internal networks of collaboration and aspire to deepen collaborations with colleagues from other institutions.

Program Aims

  • To develop physicians to act as competent, compassionate consultants in rheumatology
  • To develop physicians who would be capable and adaptable in a variety of work place settings
  • To foster and reinforce lifelong learning in order to keep abreast of the evolving profession
  • To empower future innovations in the field of rheumatology

Program Goals and Objectives